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About depression and symptoms of depressive disorder

Depression SymptomsDepression is a mental disorder which affects the mind and the body of a person. Symptoms of depression can take over how you feel, think and behave and can turn you into someone you barely recognize. It can cause both physical and emotional problems and you may have trouble doing everyday activities or things you used to enjoy doing. The symptoms depression causes can make you feel like your life isn't worth living and cause feelings of extreme hopelessness. Although it's natural to feel sad or down every once in a while, especially after a significant even like death, depression differs in that it is severe and pervasive and doesn't just "go away". It takes treatment and work to overcome the condition. If you feel like you or your loved one are depressed, take proper action. You don't have to feel this way. Over 19 million Americans suffer from symptoms of major depressive disorder, but many do not seek treatment. Break the mold- Depression is one of the most treatable diseases with an 89% success rate. Kick depression and get back to your life!

What are depression symptoms?
For some people, their depression symptoms of an episode are so severe, it's clear that something isn't right. For others, they may feel depressive symptoms and wonder why they are feeling this way. The signs of depression can be different for each person, that's why it is difficult to diagnose sometimes.
Common signs and symptoms for depression include:
* Feeling unusually sad or unhappy
* Sleep disorders, sleeping too much or too little
* Eating disorders, eating too much or too little
* Irritability and frustration over small things
* Loss of interest and enjoyment in normal activities
* Restlessness and agitation
* Loss of energy and fatigue
* Trouble thinking, making decisions, or remembering things
* Fixated feelings of guilt, worthlessness, and self-loathing
* Unexplained physical pain
* Thoughts of death or suicide

With depression the symptoms can vary depending on your background and history with the disorder. Depressive disorder symptoms are variable on your previous episodes with the disease, your age, gender, and family mental health history.

Symptoms to depression in children and teens
The types of symptom for depression in teens and kids can vary a little from those in adults. Below are some of the major differences between children's depression and adult depression.
* One symptom of depression in kids includes excessive worry, unhappiness, and irritability
* Avoiding social interactions is another sign of depression
* In children and teens, symptoms of depresion occur at the same as other disorders like ADD or ADHD
* Changes in sleeping patterns or thinking are a common symptom depression causes in adults, but is much less common in younger children

Symptoms of a depression in older adults
It is far less common for older adults to suffer from any sign of depression, but it does happen. Although most seniors tend to feel content with their lives, it's not unheard of to see symptoms in elderly people. It often goes undiagnosed because symptoms may seem like other familiar illnesses or because older adults are more reluctant to seek treatment for the condition. If you see the following in your loved one, it could be a sign depression is behind their feelings.
* Bipolar symptoms or depression symptoms are often misinterpreted by older adults (fatigue, loss of energy, lack of sleep) as caused by another illness
* Older adults who suffer symptoms of major depression disorder say that they feel bored, worthless, or helpless. They often stay at home, rather than going out or socializing.
* Older adult men are at the highest risk of suicide among all people with major depressive disorder symptoms. Any talk or signs of suicide should not be taken lightly and immediate help should be recommended.


"My bipolar disorder was like some kind of demon that was taking over my life. I couldn't even recognize myself anymore and I kept asking myself, why am I like this? I knew I had to do something about it, something that would really change me. I am so grateful to High Cedar Center. Their treatments and therapy sessions let me control my feelings again, and now I'm happy and can live normally again."
-Nick H.

"In my wildest dreams, I didn't think I could get better. I thought nothing could help me and I was just in this dark cloud of hopelessness. I'm so lucky to have found out about High Cedar. The staff and patients there really worked together to get everyone feeling like a normal human being again, to see hope again. I can go back to living my life now."
Nancy S.